In June of this year cPanel, the most popular hosting control panel for Linux servers, announced a price increase to their clients.

This price increase is now being felt across the hosting industry and in some cases hosts are seeing an increase of up to 1800% (not a typo) in their monthly cPanel fees.

With the new pricing structure, cPanel will license per cPanel account and per server, which results in a significant price increase for us.

In order to protect our business and our customers we have to increase our prices. 

The Bronze package on our shared web hosting service in all regions will increase as follows.

UK Shared Web Hosting Bronze package: currently £12.99 per year increasing to £15.99 Per Year.

All other regions Shared Web Hosting Bronze package: currently $14.99 increasing to $17.99 Per Year.

This will only effect new orders from the 20th October 2019 and customers who currently have a bronze package with us or sign up before the 20th October will not see any price increases.

In 15 years we have never increased prices for an existing customer from the price they signed up for. This price increase is only for new Bronze packages signed up after the 20th October 2019.

Please contact our support team if you require any further information. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

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