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Inventive Hosting Reviews

Andreas A reviewed Inventive Hosting – 5 stars
15 November 2017 at 14:19

We have worked with IH for several years now. As various contracts with other service providers have expired, we have put more services through the team with great success. Always someone ready to help no matter how insignificant the problem. Much more than just a web hosting Co.

Ketan K reviewed Inventive Hosting – 5 stars
9 November 2017 at 18:25

To be fair whenever I've had a problem they've been pretty quick to respond. The problem nearly always has not been with their technology, and they've been pretty quick to respond

Brendan B reviewed Inventive Hosting – 5 stars
5 November 2017 at 13:30 · 

We've been using Inventive Hosting for nearly a year now, and I've been meaning to post a review for some time.
Our small business web site responds extrememly quickly even though it contains JQuery and a slide show with many images. The page is visible in well under a second. The price is very good value indeed. And the support is superlative. Issues (and there are few of them - usually my own fault) get fixed in minutes rather than days. I do quite a bit of support for customers who have chosen to use people like 1&1 etc, where the support is behind web forms and you fight to get through to someone who can help. 
As another reviewer said - why are Inventive Hosting not listed at the top of the various surveys of Web Hosting services. They should be right up there. Recommended.

Kevin L reviewed Inventive Hosting – 5 stars
29 May 2017

I don't understand why these guys are not at the top of best hosting companies. They're knowledgeable, super-efficient and amazing value for money. Del and the team have gone above and beyond on several occasions when I swiftly get out of my depth with hosting, email and cPanel configuration issues. Inventive are one of the very few companies, as a personal or business customer, where the number of stars is completely insufficient to reflect their service. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Chris H reviewed Inventive Hosting – 5 stars
29 May 2017

Excellent service. Inventive have really knowledgeable customer service people who know their stuff and are full of helpful suggestions and alternatives. Great value for a five star service.

Rehan S reviewed Inventive Hosting – 5 stars
Julie M K reviewed Inventive Hosting – 5 stars
6 May 2017

I have had several webhosts over the last 20 years - some fantastic, others mediocre. Inventive Hosting is one of those few fantastic hosts that always surpasses my expectations, and I have been a very happy customer of theirs for several years now. It's reliable, personal service from a very knowledgeable, professional, skilled staff. That courtesy you see when you make an inquiry about your service is the way you will *always* be treated here. Problems have been few but are handled within the hour almost consistently, no matter what time of day or night or day of the week. Even holidays!

Don't let their low pricing scare you away. It isn't a scam at all. It's really some of the absolute best service at an extremely reasonable rate.

Manos V reviewed Inventive Hosting – 5 stars
4 May 2017

I have been a client of Inventive Hosting since 2007. Excellent service above all! Most important not even one problem all these years! The downtime of my website is almost zero and also their tech support is excellent. I totally recommend Inventive Hosting!

John S reviewed Inventive Hosting – 5 stars
30 April 2017

Only been with Inventive for about 6 months, I had used free hosting sites for several years, they did the job but became unreliable and had to move to another.

Came across Inventive, couldn't believe the price and though it worth a try!

Can't fault it its been reliable, its easy to access and use.
Big thanks to Inventive will be renewing again this year!

Chris D reviewed Inventive Hosting – 5 stars
22 February 2017

I have been with Inventive Hosting since 2006 when I won an Ebay auction for a shared hosting package. For over a decade now I have repeatedly returned to them for hosting and email services - both for personal use and, more importantly, for clients.

Over that time I have tried other companies but none has offered the consistently high quality of service that these guys give (that's hardware, software and support). Certainly none has offered - and continues to offer - such competitive pricing.

With Inventive Hosting it is matter of "what you see is what you get". There are no hidden extras.

These are "good guys".

Chris D

N.B. I am not an affiliate or reseller for Inventive Hosting - just a happy long-term customer.

Naeem B reviewed Inventive Hosting
1st May 2017

Best Hosting Company in UK

Jason P reviewed Inventive Hosting
7 September 2016

I Would like to say a Big Thank you to the Guys @Inventive Hosting. We have been with them as a customer for many years and have several websites and emails with them We have had a few changes made as things have progressed and they have responded met our requests and needs I couldn't recommend them enough.... Feel free to check out their prices and services..