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Data Centre


Our UK Based Servers are located at the Custodian Data Centre in Kent. Our USA Based Servers are located at the Equinix - LA1 Data Center in Los Angeles

All of our hosting network back bone is supported by Juniper routing and HP switching systems. Both Juniper and HP are the leading providers of network hardware. This ensures that our network will always run at maximum speed with outstanding reliability. This enables you the consumer the best service possible.

We also have on standby all of our major hardware components stored and serviced in the unlikely event of a hardware failure. Our Hardware is replaced as and when new versions are available in order to maintain our high standards that we offer to our customers.


A number of leading UK & USA providers provide our connectivity. Our network is setup around BGP routing (Border Gateway Protocol) This system makes it possible to use all our connections to get maximum performance 100% of the time. This also enables 100% uptime as even if one of our lines fail there are at least two others which takeover instantly without any delay to our customers service.

Our entire connectivity layout is designed around N+1 standard which means if 200Mbits are requested to provide non-stop connectivity, then there'll be a minimum of 400Mbits.


All our network devices and servers are covered by APC UPS back up systems for instant backup. In the event of a power failure these battery backups provide power until the diesel backup generators come online which provides power for prolonged power failures. To maintain our standards the power supply system is also developed to an N+1 standard so this means that if seven generators are required to provide non-stop power, then there'll be eight installed. So rather than guaranteeing 99.99% availability, the guarantee is as near to 100% as you can get.


The data centres we use are protected by 24/7 security to keep your data 100% safe. This means all our customers have the protection of security barriers, 24x7x365 monitoring by on-site personnel to include visual verification of all personnel entering the building, an up to date security monitoring system complete with CCTV video camera surveillance and a security breach alarm provides the control room with information watch over all our servers and network equipment.


All our server rooms within the data centre are protected by an active monitoring fire detection system. This system is linked to the Building Management system which is actively monitored 24x7. This provides very early detection to help avoid fire, loss and business disruption. In the unlikely event of a fire a gas based fire retardant is deployed into every server room not just the room where the fire has been detached this helps to prevent the fire spreading. The gas will put out fires almost instantly without damaging equipment.